Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Australian Wildlife Adventure

Dad and Verle left our place on Monday morning. It was tough to say goodbye but I'm really glad they had such a good trip. They're currently finishing it off in Sydney and fly home on Thursday.

We took them up to Mount Tamborine this weekend where we saw at least twenty bush-wallabies called Paddymellons in Palm Grove. Sunday night we went up Mount Glorious with the Graham clan for a BBQ and spotted both a large Goanna and a huge carpet python, about two and a half meters long!

This got me making a mental list of what they managed to see in the wild while they were with us around Brisbane:
- Koala
- Wallaby
- Kangaroos
- Spiders
- Water dragons
- Gecko
- Dolphins
- Bush Turkey
- Sea Turtle
- Possum (Brush Tail)
- Green tree frog
- Spotted brown frog
- Paddymellon wallabies
- Goanna (climbing a tree)
- Carpet Python
- Bats, bats, bats
- Cockroach
- Leeches
- Kookaburra
- Ibis
- Lorakeets

I'm sure I'm even missing a few more! If that's not a plug to come visit us, I don't know what is.
(note: wildlife sightings are extremely rare and cannot be guaranteed by Mike and Lisa)

Photo: our evening BBQ with the Graham clan.

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