Friday, October 29, 2010

Reader Comments

I've had some really inspiring comments on some of my past blog posts lately and I thought I'd share them here! Comments are a great source of inspiration for me to keep blogging and I really appreciate every single one I receive.

There was a great exchange on the last post that I encourage you to read if you're looking for a source of good information as a new amputee.

On "The Elmer Fudd Conundrum" starting with Tiff's recommendation for "Dancing with the Stars" (thanks for the idea Tiff but I'm an "A-lister"):

Sean @ Gisoku Budo said...
Hi Michael - came across your site via another amputee blog from a fellow Aussie amputee, just wanted to say it's great to see you writing about your experiences, there aren't a lot of us out there I think! I'm an above-knee on my left, but still keep active, particularly with martial arts. Loving your travel blog and doctor dramas, I'm about to get the ball rolling with getting a new prosthesis myself, so it's all fresh in my mind! Keep up the good fight!

Joe said...
Hi, I've enjoyed following your website, and it has been a great resource for someone like me who lost their leg nearly 3 months ago. I'm still waiting to get fitted for my first prosthetic. I'm ready to get rid of these darn crutches! Two questions for you: 1) What is your opinion of a pin vs suspension prosthetic? What type of interface does your new leg use? 2) How often do you have to go back to using crutches? I was told by my doctor that most people can only wear a leg for a few hours at a time, and must always carry crutches around. He also said I should always take the leg off when I'm at home. Thanks again!

On "Swimming Revisited"

Anonymous said...
I just started swimming again and found as you did Mike my kick was either slowing me down or slowing push me to the left. What I am looking for is excerise I can do to help me swim and lose weight at the same time. Does walking help?

On "The Chicken and the Egg"

Dustin said...
I ran across your profile and I'm curious what prosthesis have you come up with for rock climbing by chance?

On the post "Tennis: Going Balls Out"

JJ said...
Hi! My name is JJ Larson and I was actually born with what is called congenital amputation. Basically I was just born without my left arm below my elbow and I have worn a prosthesis since I was 3 months old. I started playing tennis when I was ten and I ended up playing division I college tennis. For the heck of it I googled "amputee tennis" and found your site. Its so great to see what other people have accomplished!

Enzo said...
HI! My name is Enzo Amadei Jerez. im from Santiago, Chile and im 24 years old. I have a physsical problem. i wish can talk with you. please contact with me. in you tube you can find videos of me playing tennis!
(NOTE: I didn't publish this comment because Enzo included his email address and I didn't think he would want me to share that, but Enzo thank you for your comment, we'll be in touch!)

Cynthia said...
Hey Mike! I am also a left BKA tennis player - though I am just starting tennis again after 3 years with the prosthesis - and it's great to be back on the court. I'd love to hear more about changes you've made to your game and what's worked (and hasn't). I live in Vienna Austria - if you are ever in the area looking for a game, me know.

Comments like these definitely keep me writing but even more importantly, it's great to meet so many inspiring people out there on the inter-tubes! Thank you!

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  1. Thanks for the props Mike :) It's an awesome blog you have going here, so keep it up!

    In the comments you posted was Annonymous' comment on swimming - despite being above-knee, I used to compete at state-level with able bodied kids in Freestyle and Butterfly when I was a kid. It was hard, but rewarding. Butterfly was a challenge, but I had very little in the way of problems finishing in the top 3 for freestyle. I didn't use a bouyancy device or anything, it was just all me.

    Mind, I was fickle when I was younger, so I gave up swimming once I hit my teens. Shame, I reckon I was pretty good at it too. Maybe I should look at starting it up again, I bet my form would be rubbish though!