Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dude, what's that on your Leg?

I've been asked a few times now what I've got strapped to the back of my leg.

That, my friends, is the patent-pending (not really) Macgyver leg bag, suitable for any gadget-phile who can only count to 15 and doesn't wear cargo-pants to work!

The bag is filled with all the things I wish I could keep on my keychain but don't have the space for. Included in my bag of tricks are:
- a Flashlight
- Pliers
- Scissors
- Tweezers
- Self-adhering velcro strips (for strapping my foot to pedals, etc)
- Lockpicks (you gotta have a hobby)
- Plastic bag (for water proofing Steve-the-leg)
- one "Skins" compression sock (hides the plastic bag)

... and various other bits-and-bobs I throw in there in case I'm ever in a pinch and need to rapidly diffuse a nuclear bomb then perform a daring escape.

I got the idea when I noticed I wasn't being limited by all the fleshy bits of my calf muscle and suddenly had reams of extra space to play with. Yes, that's just one of the many advantages of the instant-weight-loss program I was on.

It's like carrying a purse, but far more manly and spy-like!

An added bonus is that it gives me a "calf muscle" appearance in jeans without adding bulk.

The important thing is to keep the weight down so all items are extremely small and metal objects are made of titanium or aluminum. All in all, I don't notice the extra weight and you'd be amazed at how often I need the scissors and/or pliers.

Now I just need to remember to take that off before I head through airport security...


  1. Interesting.

    I can definitely appreciate the "calf muscle" appearance in jeans" functionality... I have a weird bit of formed foam that I call my "dress ankle" for those rare times when I wear long pants.

    It must be a bit heavy though.... no?

    Glad I asked - never expected the answer to be so interesting!

  2. You'd be surprised, it's really light weight actually! I'll have to weigh it to see but definitely less than half a pound. Since my real leg was heavier than my prosthesis by about a kilo, I figure I've got some weight to play with before my legs are getting an equal workout. :)

  3. Dude, that is definately MacGyver-ish. Equal parts practical and yet geeky. :) The lockpicks are decidedly over-the-top!

    Next step is something more Robo-copish. An articifical, titanium calf that opens up with a "woosh" noise. Maybe you could add a small wet-bar - that would make you less MacGyver, more Bond?

    Hope you and Lisa are doing well -- Tiffany and I continue to enjoy your blog!

  4. WOW! I have always thought about somehow storing some pliers, the spray i use to get my liner on, and a spare suction valve in my leg - I used to think it'd slip well into the foam cover, but now that I don't have that anymore I couldn't work out how... what have you used to wrap it all up together, and how do you attach the package to the leg?

  5. Hi Willow, My little kit is just a toolbag that normally wraps around the seat-post of a bicycle using velcro straps! I picked it up in the bike section of our outdoor gear store. The pylon of the leg is roughly the same diameter of a seat-post, so you can accessorize the crap out of your leg with an array of options! :)