Thursday, April 9, 2009

A World of Possibility

A friend of mine passed this along. Definitely worth a watch if you have a chance!

This video is about achieving your pure potential, dismissing the "nay" voices in your head that we've all been conditioned to hear and getting on with achievement by tuning in to what's really important.

It is a bit long at thirty minutes, but if nothing more, try to watch the first 10 minutes. You might get hooked. The difference between the first performance and the last is quite astounding (you'll know what I'm referring to if you watch the video).

I was on "one buttock" by the end (again, you'll have to watch to know what I mean).

"The only conductor to ever lead the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, Zander is a prophet of human potential and an unrivaled champion of joie de vivre. Watch as he helps unlock the boundless potential of a 15 year old cellist and teaches the entire Pop!Tech audience what it means to live in a world of possibility."

I had previously embedded the video here but it was causing page layout errors. Instead, please click here to view the video online.

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  1. Michael,
    Thanks for sharing that. Very inspirational. I may add it to my Blog to further share a world of possibility....