Saturday, June 20, 2009

Spontaneous Sydney

Saturday, 10:35am:
A lazy cozy Saturday morning, breakfast in bed (eggs and cold pizza from the night before).

Lisa: what should we do today?
Mike (looking at the clock): we could go to Sydney! No luggage, pull an all nighter! If we leave now, we could be there by 2pm!
Lisa: are you frickin kidding me? ...OK!! But we're getting a hotel! I'll book flights!
Mike: Really?? Ok I'll clean up! You shower!

Saturday, 10:45am:
Calling Virgin and Qantas simultaneously from two different phones, first to answer gets our business!

Saturday, 11:15am:
Flights booked online (cheaper), change of socks and underwear in camera bag! Original fare sold out, had to pay an extra $30. Skipping lunch!

Saturday, 11:40am:
Michael Brian MacKenzie, if you get your license taken away we'll miss our flight!
I'm not going THAT fast!
It's an 80 zone!
Oh... Better drop back to 100 then.

Saturday, 12:05pm:
Status: through security, boarding passes in hand!
Mike: let's get a coffee.
Lisa: how about a beer instead!?!

Saturday, 12:45pm:
Ladies and gentlemen waiting to board flight DJ950 to Sydney: due to some bad weather in Sydney we will delay boarding.
Both: crap, guess we should have checked the weather!

Saturday, 12:55pm:
Ladies and gentlemen, flight DJ950 to Sydney is now boarding!

Saturday, 2:25pm:
Welcome to Sydney!

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  1. awesome! I miss that kind of spontaneity... it's a little tougher with three rugrats!

  2. You know your blog would be a whole lot more interesting if you guys would just get off your butts and DO something.

    I love all the pictures I'm seeing of Lisa these days. You guys are cute.