Saturday, July 18, 2009


We dusted off the bikes today for the first time since the accident.

After breakfast, we spent several hours adjusting cables, tightening bolts, greasing chains, adjusting heights and sorting out the gears to get them into ridable form, but eventually, we managed to get them loaded onto the car and headed off for a late afternoon ride.

Around this time last year, Subway was offering free bikes to anyone who bought six fresh value meals. You just had to pay the $50 shipping fee. Since they were pretty much the only lunch place within walking distance of my office, I was already eating there everyday.

Since we hadn't intended to buy bikes when we moved here, free bikes were hard to resist!

My bike frame is a bit small for me and I think my seat height needed some more adjusting, but overall, it was a nice ride. It was a great way to get in some cardio which has been sadly lacking lately.

One challenge I found was just keeping my foot on the pedal. It kept drifting forward or out to the side making for the occassional slip off the peddle. Eventually, I managed to get the pressure right but I still think toe clips would be useful.

All in all it went very well and we look forward to getting out again for a longer ride!

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  1. Awesome! That last picture is great!

    Toe clips or clipless pedals (cleats) are totally key.

    Flat pedals are a bit of a nightmare... Even if you can keep it on there, you'll spend too much time looking down at it to make sure it's in the right spot and eventually you'll hit a tree or something.