Tuesday, July 28, 2009


This email made my week!

Hey Mike,

I thought you might get a kick out of this. My daughter had her third birthday party this weekend and got a Bratz doll. Since you're probably not up on your girl toddler toys, Bratz are super popular with the under ten crowd. The doll comes with all these little designer clothes that you can change the doll in and out of.

So when I was helping Wynn change the shoes of her Bratz doll, I realized it doesn't actually have feet but what looks like a stump with a prosthetic shoe that you change. It made me think of you. Who knew that you were similar to a Bratz doll? You too would be very popular with little girls if you would consider wearing sparkled high heels or fancy tall boots. You may want to consider a career change.

Anyways, I hope all is well with you!


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  1. Mike, so glad to meet you. I was just browsing your blog and reading some of your posts. You are amazing! I lived in Toronto for five years and Hong Kong for five also. The symbolism behind that eleventh hour is powerful, and so is your wonderful attitude towards life.

    Once again nice to meet you.