Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Today was my amp-a-versary and the last day of Legadon.

I've come a long way from that hospital bed one year ago and I couldn't have done it without the incredible support of my family, my friends and my entire recovery team.

To celebrate our year together and to thank you for participating in my recovery, I've compiled a short video along with this list:

November 2008: the surgery.
December: learned to pop-a-wheelie in my chair.
January: first one-legged indoor climb.
February: crutch-climbed Mount Coolum.
March: first prosthesis, first abseil/rappel ten days later.
April: first outdoor rock climb.
May: first single-fin SCUBA dive.
June: first ice skating attempt on prosthesis.
July: first cycling attempt on prosthesis.
August: Bridge to Brisbane 10k.
September: new socket, pack training.
October: climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.
November 2009: Traded in wheelchair for snowboard...


  1. What an incredible journey!

    I'm glad I could be there for some of it.

    Mike from your Official Fan Club and as always:


  2. Wow. What amazing fun things you've been up to! The activity list is rock solid. I'm glad I stopped by.

  3. It feels wrong to say, "Happy Anniversary", but Happy Anniversary! What remarkable accomplishments you've made this year.
    Now, what are you going to do next year? - horseback riding? spear fishing? gymnastics! I can't wait to see!

    Congratulations to both of you on all the hard work.
    I love reading about all the fun you are having on your three hour tour of Australia.

  4. Are you goofy or natural? Snowboarding will be a lot of fun!

    A suggestion for December, January, February or even March: Canyoning! ;)

  5. Congrats Mike....i continue to follow your almost make it sound too easy...Auntie Lynne

  6. As AJN notes, as wrong as this sounds, Happy Amp-a-versary. What an incredible year - thanks for sharing your adventures in this blog.

    I don't know if you've looked at your "About This Blog" lately. I can't say much about goals #1 and #2 - passing on advice to other amputees -- but goal #3 was "To help me see how far (hopefully) I've come from the hospital bed with its oxygen tubes and countless IV lines". Talk about over-achievement, dude!! You climbed Mount f-ing Kilimanjaro!!!

    Anyways, big hugs to both of you. Hope you are still having fun in Australia (except when you are in Africa or China).

  7. Mike, as always this is one of the most inspiring blogs I have read. You and Lisa are an extraordinary couple and this past year has been quite the journey for the two of you; thanks for sharing it with all of us. Even though as our daughter Maddie would say "we are at the tippy other side of the world" we think of you guys often and it is always such a treat to open our email and see a new post. May this year be just as eventful (minus the drama!) for the two of you and we look forward to continuing to live vicariously through you!

    All our best,

    Tiff and Shaun

  8. Thanks so much for all of your comments and emails on this post and my Kilimanjaro ones! It makes it all worthwhile!

  9. Your ampuversary is my birthday. You've had lots of accomplishments. Keep them coming.