Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hiking on Crutches

We went for our first hike since the operation this week. Hiking on crutches or "bushwalking" as it's known here really is as difficult as it sounds and far more of an extreme sport than hiking is meant to be!

It was great to be out in the woods again doing what we love. I had to be a LOT more careful about what was on the trail, including vines, slippery patches of leaves, the edge of the trail drop-off, tree roots and small lizards. All in all, the trails are well maintained here so we had a nice little walk to a lookout and back again.

We had a great time checking out the scenery and going for coffee afterwards but I wouldn't recommend this to anyone else who can only count to fifteen if you're still on crutches.


  1. I stumbled upon this post online and would love some advice. First of all, I am 19 years old and have fallen in love with nature and it's beauty since a child. I am a hiker and climbed Mount Whitney in California and go an various hikes throughout the year. Less than a month ago I met a man who is an amputee from having diabetes for many, many years. I shared my interest in wanting to start a hiking club and he said I should do one for amputees and was informing me how great it would be. I would like to make this happen an create an outdoor activity club for amputees who also share my passion. I would like any feedback as to I do not know yet how I will do this and also if it is even a good idea. Any feedback would really be appreciated. ~Jeanelle Ibarlucea

  2. Hi Jeanelle,

    Sure it's a good idea! There's not a lot of differences really between hiking on a prosthesis and on a regular leg once the person gets used to it.

    For me, going downhill was the hardest thing to master. Sidestepping and traversing helped a lot but for the most part, I just go for it now. Hiking poles were a big help at the start for the steep downhills.

    Uphill is easy. I've never had any trouble with that except when I was getting used to uneven terrain.

    Good luck!