Sunday, February 8, 2009

Leg Update

As you may have read, I was supposed to get cast for my prosthetic on Friday but this didn't happen. Instead, I woke up to a phone call telling me that the critical piece hadn't arrived yet and not to bother coming in. To say that I was bummed out is to say that the Pope is an old catholic guy who's afraid of change or that I like cereal... I really like cereal.

The parts are on order and they should arrive this coming week. Sure.. just one more week of waiting around... what could possibly bother me about that... just one.. more... week!?!?

Not to worry, Friday turned out to be a great day. After wallowing in self pity, I received an email from the Amputee and Family support group here in Brisbane asking that I share my experience with someone else who's having to make the same horrible decision I had to make. That's never easy for someone living that moment and I was thankful for the opportunity to give back.

We had a great chat Saturday morning. Talking about that very personal moment with someone else is therapeutic, so JW, I wish you the very best no matter which path you choose. You've already helped me a great deal and I thank you.

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