Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Leg Update

Another week drifts by, another delay. If patience is a virtue, I must be headed for sainthood...

This is week 13 of being on crutches after being told the whole process should only take 6 weeks. That's after being on my back for 8 weeks so I guess you could say it's still an improvement.

After they were surprised that the parts hadn't arrived by last Friday, I received a call today telling me that my parts wouldn't be in this week either. There was a snafu with the ordering system and it apparently wasn't ordered afterall. They "think" it's gone into the system today.

This means the crucial piece needed for casting *might* arrive as "early" as NEXT Friday, making my earliest possible casting appointment two more weeks from today. Once that's done, I still have three more weeks to wait. Five more weeks on crutches...

Disappointed? Did I mention how much I really love cereal? I'm starting to eye up that saw in the garage and my crutches are looking awfully re-engineerable right now... maybe showing up to rehab in a nice homemade wooden pegleg would speed the process along!

I really love cereal. Arrgh matey...

1 comment:

  1. Crutches can be re-engineered. You need some wood to make a platform to kneel on just above the lower central pylon. A power mitre saw helps (just watch your fingers--I can only count to 14 now).

    The trick is to leave the outer branch long enough to reach your belt (my prosthetist pointed out my mistake).

    I used the velcro straps from my ortho boot that I wore before I elected to chop. I think luggage straps would work, too.

    My peg leg was adequate to carry in groceries from the car and vacuum the apt. I used it for about a month before I got my leg.

    I'll take some pics and email you with more details.

    I went through this eight years ago. It gets better. Believe it or not, you're over the hump. For me, the long drawn out uncertainty before the chop and the recup were hell. Living with it isn't nearly as gruesome. But your mileage may vary.